On the balcony, in the sun

How excited I am that the summer has officially come back. I don’t countdown to Christmas but I have been looking forward to June the 21st for some time now. And finally, here today comes the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Hooray!!

The gentle, caressing, honey-sweet sunlight of the spring not only filled me up with excitement but also inspired my first home improvement project here in Amsterdam, my balcony renovation project. And now to mark the first day of summer, I’m gonna introduce the space in my apartment which I am the proudest of, my balcony. Yay

The ice skating with a mock-up draw bridge and a boat

An ice-skating duckling’s life

I put on the ice skating shoes and walked to the ice rink. “The first few minutes will be hard but after that, it’s gonna be okay,” I thought to myself as I was getting closer to the gate, recalling how it always took me some moments at first in the previous times I went…