The unsent letter

Back in university, there was a time when I composed quite a few poems. Actually, it was more like poems coming to me than me writing them because the words came and fit one another so naturally… It was in the first hours of my last day in Saigon before I come back someday I don’t know when. Not long after I woke up, when I was sitting at my table working on an unfinished report, I picked up my pen and a piece of paper. And the words started to materialize themselves, in the light of a breaking dawn.


Nước trên sa mạc

Em vẫn đợi một mùa thu Quay về trong lá cỏ Trong những câu hát vu vơ Và những dòng thơ bỏ ngỏ Viết cho anh. Em vẫn đợi một ngày trời xanh Nắng êm đềm ngập tràn trong đáy mắt Những phút giây xôn xao Dù chúng ta chỉ im lặng Nhìn nhau. Em…

Falling star

By Kiều Quốc Hưng on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:47am A star is falling From the far far sky Or is it your name Falling from my life ? Still in the darkness Glowing the star lights But inside my chest It’s an empty night… A star just died off The sky stays unchanged…