Even a Psychology Professor at Wharton gets the MBTI wrong!

The other day, I came across this article on psychologytoday.com by Adam Grant, Ph.D., a professor at Wharton and the author of Give and Take. Adam argues that the MBTI is a fad that deserves no real merit as it is an unreliable, inaccurate, and uncomprehensive instrument. It’s nothing new that the MBTI receives criticism despite being one of the most (probably the most) widely practiced personality archetypes. And I’m not surprised when critique comes from a highly respected and globally influential psychologist like Adam. But it takes me by surprise how loose and superficial his argument is – frankly, I find most of it invalid. Here’s how.

Embrace the pain

Good times give us the impetus to carry on yet hardly teach us anything. It’s the bad times that teach us invaluable lessons that help our entire life. It’s in the bad times that we contemplate intensely and thus find profound insights.